6 - 12 Core (Online Private K-12 School)

ADVANTAGES Digital Learning Solutions is at the forefront of innovation, leveraging an Online Private K-12 School with the industry’s only fully integrated management system that allows K-12 and adult education institutions to offer and deliver multiple accredited programs in a variety of blended learning modalities at a fraction of the cost of the traditionally implemented programs. ADVANTAGES provides K-12 educational institutions with a comprehensive collection of online courses that are seamlessly accessible through the cloud-based ASSIST Platform.


English 6

English 7

English 8

English Foundations I*

English Foundations II*

English 9 – Core*

English 9 – Honors

English 10 – Core*

English 10 – Honors

English 11 – Core*

English 11 – Honors

English 12 – Core*

English 12 – Honors

Expository Writing ^

Reading ^

Creative Writing ^

Media Literacy ^

Reading Skills and Strategies ^

Writing Skills and Strategies ^

AP English Language and Composition+

AP English Literature and Composition+


French I – Core

French II – Core

Spanish I – Core *

Spanish II – Core *

Spanish III – Core

AP Spanish Language+

AP French Language and Culture+

AP German Language and Culture+

AP Spanish Language and Culture+


Art Appreciation

Music Appreciation

AP Music Theory+

AP Art History+


Math 6

Math 7

Math 8

Math Foundations I*

Math Foundations II*

Remedial Math

Introductory Algebra

General Math

Fundamental Math I

Consumer Math

Algebra I – Core*

Algebra I – Honors

Geometry – Core*

Geometry – Honors

Algebra II – Core*

Algebra II – Honors*

Mathematics I – Core*

Mathematics II – Core*

Mathematics III – Core*

Bridge Math – Core

Pre-Calculus – Core

Pre-Calculus  – Honors

Financial Literacy ^

Financial Algebra

Mathematics of Personal Finance

Probability and Statistics*

Fundamental Math

Algebra I-A

Algebra I-B

Liberal Arts Mathematics 1

Liberal Arts Mathematics 2

Advanced Functions and Modeling 2

AP Calculus AB+

AP Statistics+

AP Calculus B/C+

AP Computer Science A+


Middle School Physical Science

Middle School Life Science

Middle School Earth and Space Science

Science Foundations*

Science 6

Science 7

Science 8

General Science*

Earth Science – Core

Earth Science –  Honors

Physical Science – Core*

Biology – Core*

Biology – Honors

Chemistry – Core*

Chemistry – Honors

Physics – Core*

Physics – Honors

Environmental Science*

Integrated Physics and Chemistry*

Psychology ^

Living Earth*

Chemistry in the Earth System*

Physics in the Universe*

AP Environmental Science+

AP Biology+

AP Chemistry+

AP Psychology ^+

AP Physics 1+

AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism^+

AP Computer Science Principles+

AP Physics C: Mechanics^+

AP Physics 2+


Health ^

Physical Education ^

Health Opportunities through Physical Education (HOPE)


Middle School World History

Middle School Contemporary World History

Middle School U.S. History

Middle School Civics

Geography and World Cultures^ – Core

Geography and World Cultures^ – Honors

World History – Core*

World History – Honors*

World History to the Renaissance – Core

World History to the Renaissance – Honors

Modern World History from 1450*

Modern World History from 1600*

U.S. History – Core*

U.S. History Honors*

U.S. History to the Civil War – Core*^

U.S. History to the Civil War – Honors*^

U.S. History since the Civil War – Core*

U.S. History since the Civil War – Honors*

United States History and Geography*

U.S. Government and Politics*^

World History, Cultures and Geography*

Economics ^

Ethnic Studies ^

Multicultural Studies^


AP U.S. History+

AP U.S. Government and Politics^+

AP Macroeconomics.^+

AP Microeconomics ^+

AP European History+

AP Comparative Government and Politics^+

AP World History: Modern+

AP Human Geography+

* Prescriptive

^ Semester Course

+ Additional Fee


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