ASI Admission Process

Accepting applications year-round.

ASI has a rolling admissions process where we enroll students every Monday. The very first step to start the admissions process is for the student to complete the online application.

On the application, students can upload their current transcript and any pertinent student records (if transferring to ASI).

Our Academic Team then evaluates and recommends the appropriate courses to the student and determine what can be transferred into ASI for credit towards graduation.

Once we know what academic plan your student is interested in pursuing, then an invoice will be emailed out to the student. There is a one-time registration fee and the option for a payment plan for the tuition is available.

After the tuition payment is received, then the student will receive a welcome email with all of the necessary information including honor code policy and student policy and log in information. All students at that point will have immediate access to coursework and an established Learning Plan on their student page.

Transcripts and student records can also be faxed in to 702.441.0499 or sent to with an attachment.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call 1.866.962.2677.

If you need a Request for Student Records Form from your previous school, please use this one. Student Records Request


Personalize your road map to graduation.

Upon a student enrollment, that student placed on an academic track. Each track is aligned to an Individualized Learning Plan or ILP. As the student completes courses and meets requirements in his or her program, the requirements are shown as completed giving them a visual roadmap to graduation.

This ILP is customized for each student showing work that has been transferred into ASI, current courses, and completed courses. Additionally, this ILP is what drives the transcript creation. Transcripts have the option to show work in progress as well as completion of graduation requirements.

On the right is an example of what the Individualized Learning Plan might look like for a student.

Contact ASI

Contact us for information on our programming, school partnerships or for questions about the  student information system, ADVANTAGES – ASSIST Platform.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!